I'm Falling in Love with Comedy

     Since summer 2016 last year, I have been attending South Bay Improv of the Bay Area in California. I went on to audition and perform in two sketch comedy shows.
I am now taking Improv classes at American Improv Theatre and I'm attending a handful of Improv monthly jams with various groups. Plus, I am throwing my hat at writing sketch comedy. I haven't yet quit my day job of artist for entertainment in the bay area. But I'm finding more of my heart going into playing for a living! Although, painting for a living is very nice indeed.

Let me show you something...

It's today again!
Hope you all are having a good one. It's a good day to be yourself.
Lara Sophia ;} Madhu

p.s. I returned the pages to this blog.
There are some amusing things on them in case you would like a fancy at them.
Welcome to now...

In the Bay Area Again!

Howdy Folks :)
I'm back in the bay area, how did that happen?
I was here back in 2013. Went to India 2014.
Stayed there for most of a year and a half.
And here I am.

Life is Good.
I am happy.
Hope you all are well.
I'll attempt to update when I can as life seems to progress.
I'm working and keeping busy.
Contemplating school.

Philosophy of Physics
is the latest passion of interest
and also more art!

Love you all.

Life in Idyllwild

I've been waking up early and go to bed fairly early. The sun goes down around 4:30pm. Then my body starts to getting ready to sleep. I've been here a few days now and I see my see myself getting into a rhythm for the day. I'm a little more spunky and active in the morning when I'm getting ready to go to the land. I drive there from the house in town.

On the way is the city dump space. Which if I haven't mentioned, is a lovely set up.

We have an 'Action Day' this weekend. DEC. 12th :-) I'm interested to see how many people come out for December. 
I've been removing dry sage brush for only 2 hours each day. Taking it slow on the physical work while the body gets used to it all again. We will be doing several other group projects as well, depending on how many people come. Last time I was here there were about 18 of us.  Let me know if you wanna come visit us!

Madhura Lara
Jai Ma, blessings make the world go round or the world goes round and that's
a blessing :-)

Idyllwild Mountains, Winter

Hello Y'all,

I've been around the country since my return from India:
First Humboldt County,
Second San Jose,
Third to visit Idyllwild,
Back to the Bay Area,
East to visit family,
San Diego :)
...and now I'm back in the Idyllwild Mountains!

I should be hunkering down for the winter.
Let me know if and when you would like to come visit. Friends and family are very welcome here.

I will be removing dry dead plants to keep the land out here fire resistant.
Also, I will be composting, because I Love that :)

Very happy and grateful to be here.
Looking forward to a mutual support system with the community and the land here for a while.

Always looking for home, within and around me. Take care!

Madhura, Lara Sophia

Present and Positive

Present and Positive

It's nice to be involved in something grand with good people and values surrounding nature with care.

I participated in an Action Day and helped mark some trails for waking around the land.

Other days I remove dry sage brush to make the area safe in this arid weather.

And that's an outdoor compost toilet!
It's awesome!

The people here are wonderful to be around and I enjoy contributing to the community.

Painting Again.

Helping with Art Projects!

'Haunt' at Great America, assisting with painting the Halloween mazes.

'The Commons, presents Harvest'
at St James Park in San Jose this Friday.
We'll be setting up the decor during the day for the event at night.
I'm especially excited about the prospect of ballerinas and good music.

Madhura, Lara Sophia

I'm in California!

Back in the USA, life hasn't changed TOO much...
Doing laundry, but now in a washing machine. Drawing again, and life goes on! Taking it easy, visiting friends and nature. More to come! 

Heading State-Side!

It's been a wonderful journey in India at Amma's ashram in Kerala India.
I've been here since last fall this trip.
I served as a volunteer in the compost department
and have been very happy in this service.

I will miss my family that I've had the honor of being around.
I love you all and see you :)

Lara Sophia
p.s. Thanks for all the birthday wishes...
even though I didn't annouce it so much,
I did get a day older :)

USA Bound in 20 days!

I'm heading back to the states in 20 days . Possible "wwoofing" experiences to come. Learn to work someone's organic farm land or hang with some animals for a bit upon my return. Ease into the world of the Americas once again. See y'all when I see you and take care :-) 
Madura (Lara Sophia) Flying Artista:-)

Tagore and 7 Weeks :/)

"It is this ocean of infinite rest
Which gives significance to endless activities."
-Rabindranath Tagore, Omnibus IV- 

7 week countdown till I return to the states for sometime. Art, poetry, compost, gardening, healing sessions, music and nature of friendly conversations course through my veins.
See you soon!
Lara Sophia Madhura 

Permaculture Course

I started attending a permaculture course . It's 3 hours every Saturday :) Happy to enjoy a educational atmosphere and expand myself in a new direction.
Madhu Ha Ha Lara :) 

11weeks until USA Trip!

I am both excited and nervous. :) hence my HUGE countdown from 3 months out for my second return to the USA...since falling in love with Amritapuri India. 

My first trip back to the states was short, just 2 months. Mostly it was to visit family and friends. This trip will include more time for work and play!

Looking forward to integrating happy aspects of myself to share with you all :
💛 Laughter Yoga
💜 Foot Massage
💚 Composting
💖 Inuitive Healing
✨ arts, poetry and music!

There is time for all these things because I would like to integrate some of this into a profession. Also, there are a few of you I'd like to go hiking with :) or massage your feet :) 


There are some people that I just like the look on their face. Anandamayi Ma is one of them. :-)

Pronoia Horoscope March 26th

Leo Horoscope for week of March 26, 2015
Verticle Oracle cardLeo (July 23-August 22)
"The national anthem of Hell must be the old Frank Sinatra song 'I Did It My Way,'" declares Richard Wagner, author of the book C.S. Lewis & Narnia for Dummies. "Selfish pride is Hell's most common trait," he adds. "Hell's inhabitants have a sense of satisfaction that they can at least say 'they've been true to themselves.'" Heed this warning, Leo. Tame your lust for self-expression. APRIL FOOL! I was making a little joke. The truth is not as simplistic as I implied. I actually think it's important for you to be able to declare "I did it my way" and "I've been true to myself." But for best results, do it in ways that aren't selfish, insensitive, or arrogant.

 PRONOIA Is the Antidote for Paranoia:
How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings.
"The seed cannot sprout upwards without simultaneously sending roots into the ground," says an Egyptian proverb. Keep that thought in mind as you head into your next phase of growth. What part of you needs to deepen as you rise up? What growth needs to unfold in the hidden places as you gravitate toward the light? How can you go about balancing and stabilizing your ascension with a downward penetration? 

Happy Holi, May your days be filled with color and light!

Lara Sophia Madhura 
in India, Amritapuri Ashram
Peace and Smiles Y'all
:) ;) :)

From Dream to Waking Dream

When I'm asleep, I go to a land of no body. I feel I just am my surroundings and interact with all the people I make appear around me. I am the whole dream world I have created.
When I seem to wake up to this world I feel I put myself into one body and it complains.
One day I will realize the expansiveness of my Self while awake.

To my friends:

It was nice to hang out with u.
To laugh and talk and listen.
To be sincere and feel your presence.
I am glad we are friends. 
Seriously, sincerely, no joke.
I am amused by life. 
I am content enough,
Even when I cry...

I am intrigued by your sarcasm,
which I am SO not used to. 
By friends I didn't even notice were sarcastic. Who knew!

I'm grateful for a love that sinks into every pore of my body. 
By the eyes of divinity staring at me.
Saying something...through your face.
I'm satisfied by my own pouty lips. 
By the things I would like to share. 
By the dreams I let go of. 
By being semi transparent. 

I hug u.
Understanding something without words.
Smiling into infinity.
Something dissolves. 
For that brief moment we have no beginning or end.
A celestial machinery beyond intellelect. 

Walk with me to the cavern of my heart.
May we stand forever ready in a space lost between moments of thought.

Thanks for being my friend,
However few and far between the contact may be at times...
I hold u in my heart.

I'm Home; So to Speak

Hello! I am in the states once again.
Adjusting to being in the American Californian culture and environment.
Visiting friends and various towns.

Perhaps to run off to the more plant and land oriented spaces soon for some Mother Nature TLC.

Hugs! For people and trees :-)

5 Months in India!

Hello All,

     I have been in India for 5 months now. I wish I could show you what everything looks like here. Maybe you shall just come visit some day and see for yourself.

     I am back to my regular schedule it would seem today. I had a cold that made my body very tired for many days. It was a good time to search within myself and watch my thoughts, whatever that means.

     Today I went to my caretaker seva (volunteer work) and then I came home to have rest for a bit before breakfast. So I thought I could write a bit before the rest of the day.

     After breakfast I shall see if I have the gusto to go back to compost seva as well. I have been with the compost seva team since February and I love the work and people there a lot.

  ...perhaps more later. You have any specific questions, lemme know!

Love You,
Lara Sophia Madhura
p.s. Here is a picture my roommate had of the ashram. Yep, its really nice here...


Your mantra is a gift from God.
Every time you chant it it is like saying Dear Lord Thank You for my present.
Everyday I open my present just a little and peek and my Self within.

'Once Amor'

'Forget everything u thought u knew about me; it could be wrong. Remember all the good things about life; it's beautiful here when we share.
Dust off your compass; u up for an adventure? We're going to see the world within while watching the world without. Let's compare stories as we sail the open ocean of the mind...'