Idyllwild Mountains, Winter

Hello Y'all,

I've been around the country since my return from India:
First Humboldt County,
Second San Jose,
Third to visit Idyllwild,
Back to the Bay Area,
East to visit family,
San Diego :)
...and now I'm back in the Idyllwild Mountains!

I should be hunkering down for the winter.
Let me know if and when you would like to come visit. Friends and family are very welcome here.

I will be removing dry dead plants to keep the land out here fire resistant.
Also, I will be composting, because I Love that :)

Very happy and grateful to be here.
Looking forward to a mutual support system with the community and the land here for a while.

Always looking for home, within and around me. Take care!

Madhura, Lara Sophia