Life in Idyllwild

I've been waking up early and go to bed fairly early. The sun goes down around 4:30pm. Then my body starts to getting ready to sleep. I've been here a few days now and I see my see myself getting into a rhythm for the day. I'm a little more spunky and active in the morning when I'm getting ready to go to the land. I drive there from the house in town.

On the way is the city dump space. Which if I haven't mentioned, is a lovely set up.

We have an 'Action Day' this weekend. DEC. 12th :-) I'm interested to see how many people come out for December. 
I've been removing dry sage brush for only 2 hours each day. Taking it slow on the physical work while the body gets used to it all again. We will be doing several other group projects as well, depending on how many people come. Last time I was here there were about 18 of us.  Let me know if you wanna come visit us!

Madhura Lara
Jai Ma, blessings make the world go round or the world goes round and that's
a blessing :-)