To my friends:

It was nice to hang out with u.
To laugh and talk and listen.
To be sincere and feel your presence.
I am glad we are friends. 
Seriously, sincerely, no joke.
I am amused by life. 
I am content enough,
Even when I cry...

I am intrigued by your sarcasm,
which I am SO not used to. 
By friends I didn't even notice were sarcastic. Who knew!

I'm grateful for a love that sinks into every pore of my body. 
By the eyes of divinity staring at me.
Saying something...through your face.
I'm satisfied by my own pouty lips. 
By the things I would like to share. 
By the dreams I let go of. 
By being semi transparent. 

I hug u.
Understanding something without words.
Smiling into infinity.
Something dissolves. 
For that brief moment we have no beginning or end.
A celestial machinery beyond intellelect. 

Walk with me to the cavern of my heart.
May we stand forever ready in a space lost between moments of thought.

Thanks for being my friend,
However few and far between the contact may be at times...
I hold u in my heart.