5 Months in India!

Hello All,

     I have been in India for 5 months now. I wish I could show you what everything looks like here. Maybe you shall just come visit some day and see for yourself.

     I am back to my regular schedule it would seem today. I had a cold that made my body very tired for many days. It was a good time to search within myself and watch my thoughts, whatever that means.

     Today I went to my caretaker seva (volunteer work) and then I came home to have rest for a bit before breakfast. So I thought I could write a bit before the rest of the day.

     After breakfast I shall see if I have the gusto to go back to compost seva as well. I have been with the compost seva team since February and I love the work and people there a lot.

  ...perhaps more later. You have any specific questions, lemme know!

Love You,
Lara Sophia Madhura
p.s. Here is a picture my roommate had of the ashram. Yep, its really nice here...