Ewe by Mother's Lara Sophia

I've been thinking about You,
And it's slightly inconvenient for my day to day life.
I can't tell what's going on.
My whole world has changed and I'm unabashedly aware that You definitely have something to do with it.
Where were You my whole life; lurking in the shadows of my heartache and joys?
Watching and waiting for me to make a move and that's when You pounced!
I really never saw You coming. You know.
I was completely surprised yet somehow aware that it was all as it should be.
I love. That's what I do. You know me like the back, front and sides of my hands, and feet. 
What Love is this!
Why have You come for me dear One.
Glance my way and send me all the answers of the universe.
I didn't know anything before You; may I never learn anything besides You ever again.