'No Direction' by LS

What an odd duck.
A strange sensation to be scooped out hallow and moved to the moon.
I wasn't alone when I got here but I became alone in your presence. 
Sitting silently waiting for my heart to re-appear.
I don't miss you. I am you.
So every turn you make away from me is another step toward me.
I don't understand your path but I trust you.
Thank you for everything - go be alone.
I have no more distractions, just love to give with no direction.
It flows from me like a train from a tunnel.
Like a star exploding - going super nova!
I'm done.
Just passively looking for a place to seep the energies into.
Your eyes still close too often, they make me blink in the dark.
The One eye stays open and shines.
Take my hand when we are ready; but we're not ready. 
One of us needs to focus and the other to have the aperture WIDE open.