Compost and Tour!!!

Hi Yáll,
I am doing well at Amma's ashram. Tour is about to start in maybe two days. The orientation for tour is downstairs in just a few minutes. you can feel the excitement! We're going to travel with Amma around Kerala for about 10 days maybe :)

I have taken to speaking less. sort of a silence thing but i am still laughing and i say the minimum of words to get by. Example: banana, curd and granola, sprout salad no onion and my name to get internet...basic wants and needs. internet is a sanity need. ha ha ha

i am volunteering doing compost seva. it is so much fun! i play with food straps, poo, leaves, mulch, saw dust, etc. and mix it all together with a bunch of new friends that are like a band of brothers!


Love Lara
p.s. Bika, Italo, Ross, if you're reading this I wrote to u first and then copied it here! love u!!!!