4 Days in!

Arrived in Kochin India and spend two days at a hotel near the airport.
Ventured to Lulu mall the next day and walked around, bought a few things and watched a movie.
Got a scoop of ice cream for 80 cents!

Came to Amritapuri and checked in. Got a room and roommate, settled in.
Next evenings my best friend and I got a hug from Amma. It was fun and awesome!
It took about an hour to travel through the line, or que, but it felt like the time went really fast!

I started one of my SEVA jobs today (seva is selfless service, or volunteering).
I'm working in compost. Sorting food waste and bits of plastic or paper that get tossed in the bins. Then we mix in white, green, black compost materials like leaves, saw dust, and poo!
Also, the Amritapuri ashram has an extensive recycling program, just so you know!
Everyday and many times a day the receptacles are emptied and new ones set up. 

I'll see about writing every now and then to update yáll...but the grammar will be shotty because I'm paying for the internet time. it's not much but it adds up. :) there are about 4000 people at the ashram, maybe 250 americans and then folks from all over the world. many folks just stay a few days to visit while touring India. I'm here for some time.

love and hugs,

feel free to write to me or send me travel tissues, powdered soap, anything useful and light, travel tooth paste, a ladies razor would be nice :) and a pair of scissors!

thank you thank you much gratitude

:) :) :)
Mata Amritanandamayi Math,
Amritapuri.p.o, Kollam,
Kerala, India, 690525.
(to Lara Sophia McPherson)