Everyday is the same but different ;-)

I'm having a nice time here.
Everyday overlaps, they tend to get into a little pattern for sometime where the days are te same but different. I have similar things I will do for many days in a row but the people and objects I interact with will be a little different. 

I help an elderly woman in the morning.
She is very nice and we listen to prayers and spiritual music ;-) And do exercises to keep mobile, it's good for me too!

Then I really get my exercise by making compost! So much fun! The recycling system and waste management is fantastic here and it's great exercise. 
I really work my arms for compost, then as perhaps I mentioned: I take the stairs often. My room is on the 8th floor! Great view of a sea of Palm trees and the ocean ;~} very nice scenery here...

Then I have a nice light lunch of salad and veggies. The monastery is vegetarian but there are nice western foods like French fries or salads or pizza :-) 

May go on a day trip today with some friends to see some great big trees in Ochira :-) hugs!

Madhura Lara