less waste please

"You may have heard that there is a large island of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean. This is actually just one of the trash islands on the planet."

We are in a large part made of water; so is the surface of the beautiful planet we call home.
This lovely ocean has currents which create movement like our blood streams to keep things going! However, within the ocean there are locations (in the middle of the gyre circles) where debry is pushed. That is where our massive amounts of waste finds its way. It's inevitable and not all from malice intent. It comes with the territory of making so much trash.

So what can we do about it? Re Use items more and take the extra step of bringing a Tupperware from home when possible, bringing your own measured thermos to the slurped machine, air drying your hands, get creative!!

Ps. Don't go looking for pictures unless you're ready to see some un happy animals, it's ugly and sad and we can prevent some of it.

May all beings have clean drinking water and a healthy place to swim.