drawing my intake 1/26

maybe I'll draw all my intake as a drawing exercise. also if you write down what you eat I hear it helps you feel like maybe you should be eating better. whenever we would do a food log in school it made me want to eat healthy for that week. we'll see. here is water! :) LS p.s. what did you eat today?
airborne fizzy drink; for the mad scientist in you ;}
 soy beans, mmm cripity
 "imitation crab meat"...its fish and sugar and stuff
 self explanatory
hmm, did I mention I was thinking how it would be good to work out 30 min for 5 days a week.
that seems do-able right? dance parties, gym, friend's gym visits, heated pool swimming...the idea is to mix it up so I don't get bored/ tired of getting fit and super buff! or at least healthy-er.