Your Happy Mail Box Face

I need photos of you posing by the MAIL BOX like you are really excited by what is in the mail box.
We're talking mouth aghast, eyes wide, arms in odd places kind of cute happy surprised faces!

Please send the pictures to my email, phone or Facebook. Whatever is easiest for you!

The best pictures I shall use to advertise a new Art project that will be launched in January!

Thank you so much for your contributions! PDF or jpeg, high quality

I'm looking forward to your surprised faces!!

Lara Sophia
E: Lara4art at yahoo
Facebook: LaraSophia FlyingArtista

Ps. It can be a front view, quarter, side, back, upside down, under water, in the air pose...just make sure you're holding snail mail or are close to a mail box!

It will be FUN to participate!!

And the CHOSEN ones get a free extra something that I can't tell you about yet!