Lara Sophi-YES 6/11/17

Free form prose, Writing for the sake of stories.

I'm frustrated. Not the kind of thing that is easy to share.
To share with myself or others.
We are supposed to have it all figured out, half the time, it seems.
Figured out enough to have a full time job that pays well and is semi sensible.
A job we can complain about during the week and take a vacation from on the weekends.

I do not always have such a job.
I'm a contract artist.
Its Sunday.
I painted a friends apartment today.
Tomorrow I'll travel to SF to paint and work on Parade Floats.
Its fun and worth the experience, when I can get out there.

Then Tuesday I will work on some artwork at my buddy's restaurant.
Which hopefully opens in a month or two.

After that, I may have an art mural to paint.

But I need a full-time job!
I'm existing on loans and credit.

Its not a way to live.
But its getting me through this year while I try to pay it off.
I obtained a 0% APR on a balance transfer. At least I won't have the interest to pay.

I'm also learning to care for myself these days.
It's an odd thing to realize...that I have been putting many people before myself for a very long time.

This year I have been diving into Improv Acting.
I enjoy it very much.
I'm been dabbling for about a year and diving in for about the last 6 months.
I'm learning, taking classes, doing shows, joined some troupes.
It's been good.
And the most important part. I think I'm doing it for me.